18 December 2013

A Baby from Bolivia...

I am in Argentina right now, and will be working on projects here for the next few weeks. I have visited an organisation my charity, CHW, supports, called Bethel. Bethel has eighteen houses for orphaned and abandoned children. Three of the houses are for people with disabilities. Some of the people in these houses are adults. They were children when they arrived at Bethel, and could not live independently once they grew up.

Entrance of House 5

During my first visit to Argentina, I volunteered in House 5, one of the houses for people with disabilities. There are now some new people who have come to live in House 5, including a baby of one year and one month. She can only be fed through a tube. Her mother was from Bolivia and was working in Argentina. She abandoned this baby in a hospital when she was a few months old. Now this child will stay in Argentina for the rest of her life. The mother may even had left by now. It is a very sad story, but, to be honest, this baby has ended up in a very good place. The staff at Bethel care so much for the children, and House 5 always feels like it is full of warmth and love. Despite how this baby's life began, Bethel will give her the best life possible.

With Alicia, one of the physiotherapists.
Last time I was there, my charity paid for a donation of nappies.

05 December 2013

Travel theme: Sky

I recently found Ailsa's weekly travel themes. Last week, the response I posted to her travel theme, about a day I spent in Cape Town, on a trip with the children from the three creches run by Seawind Educare. This week, the theme is "sky" and it reminded me of Seawind Educare and Cape Town again!

When I read the theme, I thought of this photo, of children at one of Seawind Educare's creches playing outside, with a beautiful, bright blue sky in the background!

I find Cape Town very beautiful. The people I work with there are also trying to make life more beautiful for the children at their projects. Yesterday, I posted an appeal from Seawind Educare for clothes and toys for the children, on my charity's website. If anyone from Cape Town happens to read this and wants to donate items, or arrange a collection for these children, that would be amazing! If you are interested in helping, please get in touch by leaving a comment below, or you can contact me using the details on the "about" page.

Here are some more photos of the sky from my last trip to Cape Town in February/March 2013: