I have been concerned with children's rights and welfare for as long as I can remember! I am the founder of Children's Helpers Worldwide (CHW). I started CHW after being inspired by two people. The first was Maa Ruby, the founder of an orphanage in Ghana. The second was Gao Ya Li, who established the Shanghai Bo Ai Children's Rehabilitation Centre, in China. I saw how dedicated they were to taking action to help children. CHW now works in partnership with children's projects in five countries (Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa). 

I am also involved with legal research projects on children's rights - mostly in London, but I have had the opportunity to do some legal research in Cape Town, and I want to go back there! My masters degree, in Public Law and Human Rights, had a focus on children's rights. I took on the voluntary role of UK Outreach Team Leader for the capacity building team of the UN CSD Major Group for Children and Youth, leading up to the UN Conference on Sustainability (Rio+20).

I have volunteered with a range of organisations in different countries. I am really happy to help anyone who would like to volunteer, through the contacts I have made. My volunteering has included working with children in schools, hospitals and orphanages; working with adults and children with disabilities; and doing legal work in the field of human rights. Please do get in contact if any of this is of interest to you!

I enjoy experiencing different cultures, learning other languages and talking with people from all over the world! I like sharing ideas and hearing other people's opinions, and would love to connect with more people working for and with children.

Please feel free to get in touch with me!
Email: catherine "at" chworldwide.org
Twitter: @_Catti