16 January 2012

Reviving this Blog!

It has been a long time since I decided to start this blog! I came back to it and found just one published entry and one complete drafted entry (about corporal punishment) which I have now published. I will try my best to write regularly, as I have more time to do this now.

I decided to start this blog a while ago, whilst doing a children's rights internship for the Dean of the Law Department at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. It was great being able to do work related to children's rights each day! After that, I went to Ghana, to work at the projects of my organisation, CHW, there, and could not get online often, so I thought I would continue again once back in the UK. However, I then started Law School and between completing all my assignments and running CHW, there was not much time for anything else!

No part of the course at Law School was related to children's rights, so it was nice to have the opportunity to do some research for the Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), once I had completed my studies. I contributed towards the research for the basic health and welfare chapter of CRAE's annual report, "The State of Children's Rights in England." The report was launched in December 2011. You can download a free copy here.

I am currently working at CHW's projects in Argentina.

I would really like to share thoughts and ideas of others who are working with and for children and I hope to do that through reviving this blog! I am looking forward to connecting with more people who are concerned with children's issues from around the world!

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