22 April 2013

Recycling for Funds in Cape Town

Today is Earth Day! Rita Benjamin, of Cape Town, South Africa, is doing something amazing to fundraise, whilst helping the environment. She is recycling, and has asked people to give her their plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and tins, instead of just throwing them away. She will then take all this to a recycling centre, and can get some cash in exchange. She is also making low cost duvet covers and has asked for factories to donate any cut-offs, which they would otherwise throw away. This all sounds good, as Rita is encouraging people to recycle, which is an excellent cause in itself. However, she is also fundraising for a great reason.

Rita with some bottles, ready for recycling.

Rita and her husband, Alvin, adopted a baby, Melanie, three years ago. Melanie, was later found to be deaf. She recently had a scan. Doctors at Tygerberg Hospital, in Cape Town, have said that Melanie can undergo an operation to have a cochlear implant. Although the Government will sponsor most of the costs, Rita and Alvin, must still raise 40,000 Rand (£2860) for the operation. This is why Rita is fundraising through recycling. The operation will be on 21 June 2013. This date was only confirmed in April and Rita may not be able to reach 40,000 Rand in time. If you are able to help, by either contributing, or by telling people about Melanie's operation so they can help, please go to this site: http://www.kapipal.com/melanie. There is more information, and it is possible to make a donation.

Rita with Melanie at a guidance class for parents of children who
are deaf

So, what will happen with Rita's recycling initiative after June? Rita is the founder of Seawind Educare and has set up three creches around Cape Town for disadvantaged children. These creches aim to give the children the best possible start in life. Once Melanie's operation has been paid for, Rita will continue fundraising through recycling, to support the creches.

Rita with some of the children at one of Seawind's creches

Rita is helping many children, as well as the environment, and it would be so much appreciated if anyone were able to help her child too.

Melanie with her school bag. She attends a special 
school for children who are deaf.

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