18 November 2013

Looking for Shoe Boxes for Children in Romania!

Have you heard of shoe boxes for Christmas? Some charities ask people to put gifts in a shoe box, and mark whether it is suitable for a boy or a girl, and for which age group. The shoe boxes are then often wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. These are then distributed to children living in poverty, at Christmas time. Two of the most well-known Shoe Box projects in the UK, are Operation Christmas Child and Smile International's scheme. There is a lot of information on their websites about how these sorts of projects work.

A kindergarten teacher, called Diana, who works with very poor children in Romania, has asked me if I can help find a project which would be willing to donate shoe boxes for her to distribute to the children she works with. Her school is in a place called Tarlungeni, in the county of Brasov, in Romania. I have visited Tarlungeni many times, as my own charity, CHW, supports projects there. There is a lot of poverty in Tarlungeni. Last year, Diana was able to give some presents to the children and it was very much appreciated.

If anyone can help with this, please could you leave a comment below, or, if you prefer to get in touch another way, all my details are in the "about" section of the blog. Thank you so much!

Really hoping to get some shoe boxes of presents sent to the children in Tarlungeni!

Meeting with Diana (right) last week, when she came to London, with a group of educators
from Brasov, doing an exchange scheme arranged by a London Borough Equality Council.

A photo I took in Tarlungeni, one winter.

If I get permission, I will try to share some photos of the children Diana works with too.


  1. I fear that it would cost too much to send the shoeboxes from USA. What a lovely idea though!

    1. I think you are right - it would probably cost to much to send shoeboxes from the USA to Romania. There may be some shoebox projects in the USA, but the donated shoeboxes would most likely go to countries which are not as far away as Romania. Even though this would not help these particular children in Tarlungeni, it would bring a smile to the faces of some other children this Christmas :)