11 November 2013

The Value of Volunteers

Volunteering can involve doing random things! Today, I found myself at a train station at 7.00 am, whilst it was still dark, ready to hand out leaflets about Wrap Up London, which is a scheme where people can donate their unused or unwanted coats, for those in need.

Early (and rainy!) start this morning - on my way to volunteer at Baker Street station!
The Wrap Up London stand at Baker Street
Afterwards, I tweeted about this, and got a really nice response from Hands On London, the charity running this scheme.

I am always looking for ways to show appreciation to those who volunteer for my organisation, CHW, and tweeting a quote like this is a really nice idea! Everyone at CHW is a volunteer, and I am so grateful for the time they give to support the children's projects. Volunteers are indeed priceless, like the quote says!

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is celebrated on 5 December each year. It can be a great opportunity to arrange or participate in voluntary event. If you are a volunteer manager or coordinator, IVD could also be used as an opportunity to highlight the work of the volunteers you work with and to thank them.

Here is an album on facebook from last year's IVD, showing some of CHW's volunteers in action!

I mostly volunteer for causes to do with children, but do other voluntary work too, whenever I can (like today!). Do you volunteer? If you do, what causes do you support? And if you are someone who works with volunteers, how do you thank them for their invaluable input?


  1. Sounds like a great cause. So many organizations would not be able to serve others without the efforts of volunteers. I hope others are inspired by your example.

    1. Thank you :) I thought it sounded like a good cause too. Yesterday morning, when I was waiting for the train, it was so cold and rainy. I was grateful to have a coat, and also really grateful that there are projects like this, to make sure that people who need a coat can get one.